What now?

It has been an incredible process watching people from around the world unite to actively support our mission to bridge the empathy gap that exists between victims and their family and friends. With your help, we have already raised $25,000 in production costs on our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign! That was just the beginning...

We're on to the next, and final phase of post production. This is the magical process of crafting the powerful footage we have into an outstanding documentary film. Please take part in the magic, and help us reach our post production goal to ensure the continuation of this story. Click here to make a 100% tax deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor.

Meet the Team


Katie Sadler


Katie is a documentary, narrative, and short-form storyteller who graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. With a BFA in film & television production and a minor in dance, she practices a variety of artistic disciplines and combines them in any way that she can. While at NYU, Sadler worked with Columbia Records, Red Bull, commercial production company North of New York and her university’s own channel NYU-TV. A lover of all forms of storytelling, she is a constant adventurer who spends her time outdoors whenever she can.

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Miryam Rabinowitz


Miryam is the filmmaker who spearheaded Still Feeling . What Miryam found in the research about healing from child sexual abuse was the power of connection. She also found that the greatest threat to a victim’s healing process is isolation. Miryam's goal with this film is to use Yuval’s story to create an emotional connection between victims of child sexual and their family and friends by destigmatizing the issue of child sexual abuse. My hope is to motivate people who have not experienced this trauma to take action to help the victims.


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