Long term goals

As Still Feeling grows, and our efforts progress, it is our goal to continue creating and sharing the stories of new artists like Jada-Amina Harvey, Allen Vandever and Derek Hopkins, in this documentary-series. Stay tuned for more to come...


Jada-Amina Harvey

Jada-Amina is currently studying at the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California, where she is honing her craft. Jada-Amina is exploring the intersection of art disciplines such as light, signs, text, video, installation and performance art as a means of intimately engaging with her audience. She hopes to convey her feelings of, "sadness, failure, romance, humiliation, and discrimination," that were born from her experience of child sexual abuse.

As society shies away from "the sad woman," Jada-Amina embraces and even celebrates the myriad of emotions she has experienced because of the trauma.

With a particular focus on women of color, Jada-Amina speaks for millions of women and girls, as she uses expressive art to, "articulate the urgency and tolerance for their lives and stories."


Allen Vandever and Derek Hopkins

Allen is a father, husband, contemporary artist, and survivor of child sexual abuse, who has devoted his life to empowering other victims and survivors. For Allen, art is not something he creates, but rather, the energy that he is. “I take risks, embrace adventure and live life to the fullest,” says Vandever.

While on his mission, Allen teamed up with Derek, a writer and fellow survivor. Hopkins says of his journey, “it has been wrought with confusion, transgressions, doubt and beauty. Many things have brought me to my knees. And many more have brought me back to my feet”

Together, Allen and Derek are an unstoppable force, combining their art forms to create an open dialogue about child sexual abuse and to end this epidemic.

To find out more about Allen and Derek, check out their website and blog linked below.